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Estate Planning & Elder Law Interview
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We have drawn clients from all 21 counties in New Jersey, mostly by client-to-client referral. Regardless of how you arrived here, we are glad that you did.  We look forward to helping you and your loved ones.  At right are separate two-minute videos that answer five questions:

1. What’s going on with the Estate Tax?
2. What is "Asset Protection," anyway?
3. Do I / we need a Financial Advisor?
4. What's this Partners In TrustTM thing?
5. What does "Elder Law" consist of?

To view any two-minute video, click on your choice of topics at right, then click the arrow on Jeff’s chin in the viewer.

In our line of work, we get to know our clients quite well, and vice versa. At lower right is another opportunity to learn “up front” who we are…a television interview posted in three parts, each about nine minutes in length. Feel free to click on any of the three Parts at right, then
click on the arrow in the viewer.

 This, along with the other pages tabbed above – Our Team, Services, Events, etc. – will hopefully confirm that you have definitely come to the right place.  We look forward to your call!

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