Estate Planning

If you would like to learn more about how the diagram below can help you broaden and achieve your estate planning goals, please consider reserving seats for The Truth About Estate PlanningTM  Workshop. Our Partners in Trust estateTM planning process is summarized below the diagram, and further explained at the Counselling Choices Consultation.TM

The Partners in Trust Process:

Common Sense and Uncommon Results in Estate PlanningTM

Common sense requires that we give prospective clients several options, while explaining that uncommon results are achieved only by following an ongoing planning process. The Knapp Law Firm does offer traditional or transactional “let’s write a Will” planning. However, we recommend that you consider the several options afforded by our Partners in TrustTM process, developed over the past decade based on a study of 18,000 estate plans. The process itself is constantly refined based on our ongoing affiliation with estate planning colleagues who have more than 20,000 years of collective experience.

1. Counselling Choices Consultation 
We begin promptly with a private, two- to three-hour personalized Consultation. We touch upon retirement plans, Medicaid, Long Term Care, incapacity, insurance, asset protection, bloodline protection, and insurance, capital gain and estate taxes. Mr. Knapp will review your Confidential Information Form, answer all of your questions, and recommend how to proceed. A fee of $500 is due at the Consultation. This fee is credited in full toward any estate planning work you retain The Knapp Law Firm for within thirty days of the Consultation.

2. Discovery & Design Dialogue 

Upon reviewing and signing a retainer agreement, you will begin to work with Mr. Knapp to co-create your Partners in TrustTM estate plan. After approximately three hours, we will each have a copy of a multi-page design template that we have co-created on our electric writing Panaboard. This will give you a clear understanding of your plan.


The Panaboard diagram also enables Mr. Knapp to begin drafting your plan. We are usually able to accommodate clients who seek to combine the Consultation and Design in one day.


3. Signing & Security SessionTM 

We can usually prepare your plan for review and Signing within one week of your complete answers to our Design questions. With your consent, we will proceed to discuss any concerns for your financial security, with the participation of your trusted financial advisor, or one of your choosing.



4. Wealth & Wisdom WalkTM

We guide you and prepare deeds, beneficiary designations, and all necessary documents to ensure that your plan controls all of your accounts and assets. We also provide you with an ongoing service that enables your Living Will and health care documents to be faxed to any hospital emergency room in the world in seconds.


We also give all Partners in TrustTM clients a personalized copy of the Get Organized! A to Z BinderTM we have created to organize all of your important documents at your fingertips. Over 500 items are indexed, explained and immediately available to you or your successors in an emergency.


Speaking of successor generations, we will also offer to promptly help you with your Personal Legacy DeclarationTM, Family Legacy VideoTM, The Ultimate Gift ExperienceTM, ethical will, and/or letters to loved ones, to enable you to pass along your wisdom with your wealth.

5. Trustee Training TalkTM

You control how much information you share with your trusted helpers or successors. Many clients promptly invite these people to an upcoming small group program where we explain the various roles and expectations, and answer questions without revealing any client confidences.

6. Partners Update ProgramTM 
You update us on your family and finances, and we update you on the law and taxes. You decide how we update your plan: once a year in a small group, or once every two years at a private meeting. In between, we monitor your trust funding and respond to all questions, and you have ready access to us, to our educational programs, and to our physical and online libraries. We can implement any change that you want, or we prompt, generally on one day’s notice, as soon as you are available to sign the updated plan. Thus your plan stays current, to meet your expectations and minimize costs upon incapacity or untimely death.

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